If you live in Cape Carteret and are needing pool or spa services – Bluewater Pools proudly serves you! Bluewater Pools offers expert aquatic services and materials, managed by a professional network of certified providers, installing pools and hoot tubs in the Cape Carteret area.

Do you already have a pool or spa and reside in Cape Carteret? If so, visit our maintenance page to find the perfect maintenance plan for your pool or spa. Cape Carteret is located along the Intracoastal Waterway in the western end of Cape Carteret so it’s only a short drive away for one of our Pool Technicians.

If you would like to turn that dream pool or spa into reality call 877-352-7933 today and let us show you how it’s possible. Every home in the Swansboro area is unique and falls under different guidelines. Click here to access the state governing public swimming for more information.

Swimming Pool Design & Installation