Swimming Pool Design & Installation
Swimming Pool Design & Installation
Swimming Pool Design & Installation

Winterizing pools and spas

Are you looking to winterize your pool or spa for the season? Please call Mark Warren at 252-354-6118 for current rates and information. If pool/spa is not maintained or winterized in off-season, an extra charge for getting pool/spa ready for season will apply. This fee will vary according to the condition of the pool and water quality.

* The cost of the plan (excluding chemicals) is based on Health Department requirements of bi-weekly trips to clean and maintain the pool & hot tub for Vacation Rentals

Even if Bluewater was not a part of the installation process, we still welcome the privilege of maintaining your pool and spa when your current service plan has expired. There are many advantages of retaining us to take care of the upkeep of your pool and spa:

  • One of the best advantages is that we can service your pool and spa almost immediately if there is an unexpected problem.
  • If you have a service contract with us, we will not need to outsource any necessary work, therefore greatly diminishing turn around time.
  • The team at Bluewater Pools is trained and certified to solve most problems with all of your pool and spa equipment.
  • As a Factory Service Center for the major providers of pool and spa equipment (Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Rheem, Sta-Rite, and Garden Leisure) we can handle all warranty issues in-house rather than waiting for an outside service center.
  • We are always available for call backs should a return trip to your property become necessary.
  • As with Bluewater Rentals Maintenance Plan, you will only be charged for service calls that require more than 15 minutes and never for trips to your property to turn on the pool’s heater.

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